Product Recycling

For Residents of Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland1, Michigan, Missouri, New York2, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia

Visual Land offers a mail back program, enabling consumers to return Visual Land branded products for recycling free of charge. To access the mail back program simply click the link below and follow the instructions to obtain a free shipping label. Upon receipt of the shipping label, simply pack your product, affix the label to the package and ship it.
Request shipping label here

To wipe the data from your tablet before sending in, navigate to your "Settings" -> "Backup & Reset" -> "Factory data reset" and select "Erase all". Your tablet will restore itself to factory data settings and erase all downloaded files, apps and accounts on the tablet.

1In accordance with the MDE: Upon request, a return shipping container will be provided free of charge to all Maryland residents.

2For New York State only, Visual Land will accept our own brands of electronic waste, but also one piece of electronic waste from any manufacturer's brand with the purchse of covered electronic equipment of the same type by a consumer.